Ep. 26 JBC Radio

> September 7th, 2014 ---

If you haven't heard this show before, you're in for a real treat if you're over 30.  If you aren't over 30, consider it class time.

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Ep. 55 ‘Let’s Do Another’

> August 3rd, 2014 ---

On episode 55, we discuss vacation, vintage skateboard decks, grilling, Orange Is The New Black, Apple TV, when rappers are no longer angry, dating Darcy, and drunk girls.  We play good music as well.

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Ep. 25 JBC Radio ‘Real Hip Hop’

> May 31st, 2014 ---

JBC Radio is back.  Tracks from Suga Free, The B.U.M.s, Kid Frost, The Beastie Boys, Yelawolf, Naughty by Nature, and many more.  Old school hip hop will never die!

Hit me up at TheJagerbombcast@gmail.com for comments and requests.  Follow me on Instagram @fearthebored

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Ep. 54 ‘No Beef In Church’

> April 22nd, 2014 ---

David and Bucks have returned.

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Ep. 24 JBC Radio - Hip Hop

> January 26th, 2014 ---

Ep 24 gets nutty around the end of the show...

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Los Tardondos Episode Siete “Those Are My Mic Stands!”

> January 18th, 2014 ---

On episode 7 of Los Tardondos, we discuss bands that change singers but not the band name, or vice versa, accidental magic, and play sweet music. Just a little nugget for ya.

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Ep. 23 JBC Radio

> January 17th, 2014 ---

Ep. 23 JBC Radio I spin (not literally) Goodie Mob, AZ, B-Legit, Brother Ali, 3 X Krazy, Jeru The Damaja and more.

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Ep. 53 ‘Halloween Show 2013′

> October 22nd, 2013 ---

David and Lady Buck$ discuss the wonderous day of Halloween.  Oh, and play Dark Night.

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Ep. 22 JBC Radio

> October 22nd, 2013 ---

We got music from Drag-On, Evidence, J-Dilla, KRS-ONE, Mr. Limp, Ghostface Killa, and much more.

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BONUS Episode 6 Los Tardondos ‘Halloweenish Maybe’

> October 4th, 2013 ---

Los Tardondos is by David and his 14 year old son Nick.

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Ep. 52 ‘Show Fly’

> August 29th, 2013 ---

On Episode 52 David and Lady Buck$ go old school.

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Ep. 21 JBC Radio

> July 28th, 2013 ---

On Episode 20 of JBC Radio, David plays for your listening pleasure music from A Tribe Called Quest, Mac Dre, MC Ren, Joe Budden, BDP, Brother Ali and much more!!!

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Ep. 51 “Hurricane Buck$”

> July 16th, 2013 ---

In Episode 51 David and Lady Buck$ discuss a mean storm that rolled through Wichita.

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Ep. 50 ‘50 Is The New Show’

> May 19th, 2013 ---

On episode 50 of The Jagerbombcast Lady Buck$ and David discuss The Warrior Dash and The Hard Charge obstacle courses, MySpace, high school reunions and graduation, Jamaica, boy bands, and tattoos.

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Ep. 19 JBC Radio

> April 21st, 2013 ---

On Episode 19 of JBC Radio, David plays music from Smoke Dza, E-40, Redman, Gangsta Pat, Styles P, Devin the Dude, Snoop, 420 style.

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Ep. 49 ‘A Birthday Show’

> March 11th, 2013 ---

Lady Buck$ and David gear up for a birthday party.

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Ep. 18 JBC Radio HIP HOP!

> March 6th, 2013 ---

Episode 18 of JBC Radio features music from the late great Eazy E, Prof, Brand Nubian, Loki, Big Pun, Blueprint, Nas, and more.  Happy Birthday to me!  Like Kindergarten class, this treat I share with yuh-alls!  -D

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BONUS* Los Tardondos Ep. 4

> February 3rd, 2013 ---

Los Tardondos is a squeaky clean* podcast I do with my son, Nicholas.  All shows are available at www.Soundcloud.com/lostardondos and video of this show is on The Jagerbombcast YouTube page.

In Episode 4, David and Nick discuss 6th grade enrollment, electives, Texas Roadhouse, and skateboards.

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Ep. 17 JBC Radio

> December 22nd, 2012 ---

On this episode of JBC Radio, David plays music from Xzibit, The DOC, Royce Da 5'9", Queen Latifah and more!

Have a safe and merry New Year!

-The Jagerbombcast

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Ep. 16 JBC Radio

> November 20th, 2012 ---

David plays ill shit. Duh.

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Ep. 46 ‘2012 Halloween’

> October 22nd, 2012 ---


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Ep 15 JBC Radio

> October 19th, 2012 ---

On episode 15 of JBC Radio, David plays Naughty by Nature, Ice T, DJ Quik, MC Lyte, Dead Prez, and much more! Have a safe and fun Halloween, and follow The Jagerbombcast on Twitter @Jagerbombcast, and you can follow David on Instagram at UNDRTOW0515 and Lady Buck$ at SSTARBUCK.

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Ep. 3.13 ‘Street Neck’

> October 13th, 2012 ---

In Show 45 of The Jagerbombcast David and Lady Buck$ burp a lot,  in tribute.

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Ep. 14 JBC Radio

> September 14th, 2012 ---

On the 14th installment of JBC Radio, David plays music from Haystak, Keak Da Sneak, Jadakiss, MC Eiht, Dre Dog, Guru, Prodigy, Everlast, and much more.

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Ep.3.12 ‘Right Back At It’

> September 3rd, 2012 ---

In show 44 of  The Jagerbombcast, David and Lady Buck$ discuss Buck$' daughter's Sweet 16 day, the end of days, shaving Buck$' ex's bag, kids on Twitter, David rolling his Tahoe and living to tell the tale, and factory sickos...

Music from Signum A.D., Meant2B, and Icon For Hire.

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Ep. 3.11 ‘Back Away Slowly’

> July 2nd, 2012 ---

Lady Buck$ is pissed and might just shoot somebody.  Her hostility makes for a fun romp at Ocho Studios on show 43 (or whatever) of The Jagerbombcast.

Music from Volbeat, Blueprint, and Pearl Jam.

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Ep. 13 JBC Radio ‘Metal For Me’

> June 8th, 2012 ---

Episode 13 of JBC Radio:  This one is for me.  I needed it like Pig Pen needs a bath, and I let it flow over me to wash off  some slime.  Check it out, this show rocks!  -David

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> May 22nd, 2012 ---

On the twelfth installment of JBC Radio, David plays music from Mac Mall, Smiff N Wessun, Jah Skills, Geto Boys, NOTE, Celly Cel, The Click, Eminem, GZA, and more!

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Ep 3.10 ‘Dirty Tuesday’

> May 9th, 2012 ---

In Episode 3.10, David and Buck$ discuss smoking, the Nike+ Fuel band, UV vodka, work place bathrooms, and more, plus, we pour some out for MC A.

Music by Thousand Foot Crutch, Moving Atlas, and Beastie Boys.

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Ep. 11 JBC Radio ‘420′

> April 18th, 2012 ---

Although the JBC cast only partake in legal recreation, they certainly acknowledge and respect marijuana users.  It is in this spirit that JBC Radio brings a special show to those of you that put it in the air on 4/20, or whenever the hell you feel like it.

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Episode 3.9 ‘Cage Free - Lady Buck$ Birthday Show

> April 10th, 2012 ---

In episode 42 of The Jagerbombcast, the 'cast is gearing up for Buck$ birthday bash, and are joined by drummer/pilot Jonny K.  Happy birthday Sarah!!!

Music from Note, Blueprint, and Yelawolf.

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Ep. 3.8 ‘Ruining A Perfectly Good Sunday’

> March 12th, 2012 ---

On episode 3.8 David and Lady Buck$ discuss quitting smoking, tattoos, tragic first dates, spa treatment, and much more.  Oh!  And it's David's birthday.

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Ep. 10 JBC Radio ‘10 Years of Funk: 1990-2000′

> February 22nd, 2012 ---

In honor of the 10th episode of JBC Radio, David plays rap music from the 10 year span between 1990 and 2000.  This episode is one of the illest yet!

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Ep. 3.7 “Ain’t No Love, Be-atch!”

> February 13th, 2012 ---

Too $hort said it best.  This is our not-Valentine's day show.

We did however fail to play Too $hort, but we did play Guns N' Roses and Van Halen.  Boom!

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Ep. 9 JBC Radio: Rap ‘Old & New’

> February 5th, 2012 ---

On episode 9 of JBC Radio David plays old school and new school tracks from Dru Down, Eric B and Rakim, The Goodie Mob, The Click, C-Bo, and much more.

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Ep 3.6 ‘Oh, Those Carnaquitch Girls’

> December 11th, 2011 ---

In episode 3.6 show number 38, members of Livy High join David and Lady Buck$ in Ocho Studios.  They discuss Andy's Wheelhouse, Livy High's live shows, touring, and their two albums.  They play a clip from a video Jonny K and David made in early October, another clip David made with Pat and Jonny (that he has no recollection of ever recording), and they discuss women from Qizdale and Carnaquitch, KS.  Markus and Jeremy join the fun, and David plays the first episode of 'Interview With A Drunk Girl' he and Jeremy made.

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JBC Halloween 2011

> October 25th, 2011 ---

Boo! That's right, it's that time of the year, so break out the skulls, the bloody shrunken heads, the vampire teeth, and fill that big ass bowl full of candy, and for f**k's sake! Turn on your porch light!!!

Oh, and don't forget the Jager with that Monster!

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Season 3 Bonus ‘Minisode’

> October 21st, 2011 ---

In this 'minisode' David and Allie Von C discuss Halloween, bicycle cops, and hair styles. David plays Allie a clip he recorded with Markus and Lady Buck$, and David deditates, yes 'deditates' a song to Allie. The show is wrapped up with a clip of Buck$ discussing her 15 year old daughter, and what nearly ended The Jagerbombcast as you have come to love.

Music from Ben E. King and New Blood Revival

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Ep. 3.4 ‘El Retorno de Buck$’

> September 16th, 2011 ---

In episode 3.4, show number 36, Lady Buck$ is back!  Her teenage daughter's whereabouts are unknown, and she tells David of recent run-ins with 'douche baggery.'  They discuss a woman's buttons, new tattoos, and almost ruining a Saturday.  Also, possible Halloween plans as well as Lady Buck$ introducing the application to date her.  David plays a piece from NOTE's 'Ask The Rydah' series, and they both enjoy Jagerbombs... go figure.

Music by Trapt, Broken Vision, and Siva Addiction.

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Ep. EIHT JBC Radio

> September 5th, 2011 ---

Cer Vesa made me do it, so I bust out a little espanoche on you guys.  There is no order in this show, just funky hits from Biggie Smalls, The Beasties, Notey Soprano, B-Legeezy, Sir Mix-A-Bunches, The Living Legends, y mucho mas.  I'm dedicating this one to Allie Von C.  Lo siento amiga.

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Ep. 3.3 ‘Put Your Fists Up’

> August 20th, 2011 ---

With Lady Buck$ still out traveling the globe, Allie Von C returns to Ocho studios with David for Episode 3.3, where they discuss over-sleeping, or not... Downtown Wichita, Jager shots with pickle juice, AVC's P.O.S. Jeep, fisting, family photos in the living room, and much more.

Music from Livy High, Breaking Benjamin, and Eligh from Living Legends.

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Season 3 *Bonus Episode*

> August 3rd, 2011 ---

While Lady Buck$ is out karate chopping someone's ass, David sits down in Ocho Studios with Allie, the new 3rd chair on The Jagerbombcast, and without Lady Buck$ there to keep the peace, they do their best to behave, although their best gets sketchy at times.

Music from Chevelle, Amy Winehouse, and Postell

Listen Now:

BONUS CONTENT* JBC Radio and OGW Radio Cock Rock Crossover Battle

> August 1st, 2011 ---

In the JBC Radio and OGW Radio Cock Rock Crossover Battle, The Jagerbombcast's JBC Radio goes head to head with Return To Sender: Junkmail of the Mind's OGW Radio in a battle to see which radio podcast show can crush the other under the boot of hair metal!

Find them at www.onegoodwheel.podbean.com

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Ep. 3.2 ‘Spankings’

> July 30th, 2011 ---

Season 3 Episode 2: Allie rejoins David and Lady Buck$, and the show gets completely out of hand.

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Ep. 7 JBC Radio

> July 23rd, 2011 ---

Remember when ladies were teasing their hair up to the sky, and they still had SOMETHING downstairs?  Awe, the good old days of 80's hair bands.  We got the Crue, we got GnR, we got Tesla, Cinderella, Poison, Whitesnake, White Lion, (shit, I forgot Living Colour!), Warrant, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and more!  Let's rock this motherf...

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Ep. 6 JBC Radio Old School Hip-Hop/Rap ’90s’

> July 16th, 2011 ---

In episode 6 of Jagerbombcast Radio, I (spin) tracks for you by the likes of Wu Tang Clan, Naughty By Nature, UGK, LL Cool J, Dre and Snoop, Diamond D, Public Enemy, Scarface, and more.

Old School rap, before the shit got all corny on us.

Listen Now:

Ep. 33 ‘A New Season’

> July 7th, 2011 ---

In Episode 33, the Season 3 premier, David and Buck$ welcome Al to the show, and they discuss why 'slipping' is NOT ok,  David wanting to dance, then nearly burning the studio down,  they ban iced drinks from the show permanently, get interrupted by a possum driving Cha-Chi Kwon bug nuts, Lady Buck$' man, y mucho más!

Music from The Damned Things, Taddy Porter, and Ratt.

Listen Now:

The Best Of Season 2: A Clip Show

> July 3rd, 2011 ---

I've scoured through the archives of Season 2 to bring you the funniset/grossest moments.  New music from Livy High, BarrelBright, and Siva Addiction.  Enjoy!  -David

Listen Now:

Ep. 5 JBC Radio ‘Old School Rap’

> June 19th, 2011 ---

Remember back when rap music wasn't embarrassing to bump in your ride?  Well if not, I'm here to remind you!  Old school rap and hip-hop music from the 90's and early 2000's.  We got Geto Boys, The Murder Squad, Raekwon, Run DMC, Kam, Ice-T, and much more.  Turn up the bass in your car, and roll with Jagerbombcast Radio.  Leave us a review on iTunes.  Word.

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Ep. 2.16 Season Finale: ‘Behemoths and Peons’

> June 9th, 2011 ---

Episode 2.16, show 32.  David tells Lady Buck$ about his and the Assassin's road trip to Austin. TX to see Comedian and podcasting behemoth Mike Schmidt (www.mikeschmidtcomedy.com) for his one man show 'Success Is Not An Option.'  Lady Buck$ talks about her new 'trainer' and also a pimp she met.  They also discuss Wichita band Shyner,  Lady Buck$' doing make-up for comedian Martin Short's stand-up show at The Orpheum Theater, and some, er, A LOT of filthy stuff, like usual.

Music from Sublime, Shyner, Van Halen, and The Stick Martin Show

Listen Now: